Everyone should have life insurance to protect their family from a sudden loss of income due to the death of a member. Insurance should be purchased to provide income to heirs, cover funeral expenses, pay any estate taxes, any to protect family assets from loss. Many insurance agents will sell life insurance as an investment. Life insurance does have some tax advantages, but we don’t believe people should by life insurance to invest their money.

We offer life insurance products that provide inexpensive methods to protect the family.

Term insurance is recommended for the healthy individual who has an insurance need for a specific period of time. Many people will buy life insurance for the years when they are providing for their children’s needs including college tuition. Some buy it to cover the home mortgage if death occurs.

Whole life insurance is for the person whose family has a bad health history and once they buy a policy, they want it to be permanent. In other words, they will have the policy as long as they live.

Guaranteed universal life is a newer type of policy that provides permanent protection at a lower cost. It’s initial premium is based on market interest rates and has the flexibility of changes to the policy, if needed.

Final expense insurance is a very inexpensive policy that provides funds to cover funeral and burial costs. Policy amounts may start at $5,000.

You NEED life insurance. You should have someone from TL Insurance help you decide which type of policy meets your needs.