ConsideringYou have turned 65 and must sign up for Medicare. Medicare provides very basic insurance coverage for hospitalization and doctor visits under Part A and Part B. Part A is provided with no premium required and Part B costs about $120 per month depending on your financial situation.

Part A has significant outlays required for hospital stays less than 150 days.

Part B pays 80% of medical costs after an annual deductible. Part B pays doctors based on what the government determines to be “reasonable fees”. Anything beyond “reasonable fees” must be paid by the patient.

You can have a private insurance company handle your health care in conjunction with Medicare. These programs are called Part C or Medicare Advantage. In most cases, your coverage is handled through an HMO or PPO. Sometimes the premium is zero and the co-pays for basic services are very reasonable . Most Medicare Advantage programs include prescription coverage or Part D. We can assist you to make the decisions on the right program for you.

We can also offer supplemental insurance to take care of the costs associated with medicare coverage. These programs are sometimes called Medigap and every insurance company must provide the same benefits. The only thing different among the insurance companies is the cost for the insurance and the level of client service provided. Medicare Supplement insurance cannot include prescription drug coverage. A stand-alone prescription drug poliy needs to be purchased. We deal with many insurance companies to find the right combination of cost for the services provided. We can help you choose from the various plans: Plan A,B,C,D,F,HDF,G,K,L and N.

Don’t face your medicare decision alone. Call us for help or to get more information.