ClassroomThe principle role of our advisory services is providing education to our investing clients.  We hold enrollment meetings with our 401k plans and one on one meetings with individual clients.  Our web site contains links to various sources of information to help clients make the proper investing decisions.
During enrollment meetings, we discuss needs at retirement and how to best meet those needs with a 401(k) savings program.  The investment opportunities within the plan are described.  The participant can make their own choices among funds or choose an investment model managed by our advisers.

We discuss asset allocation and investment diversification.  The balancing of risk and reward within an investment portfolio.  How to measure risk and how to minimize risk in the portfolio.

We briefly describe how the models are created using Modern Portfolio Theory for different levels of risk tolerance.  How funds are selected to diversify the portfolio among the relevant asset classes.

We provide a unique combination of expertise with managing portfolios and planning specifically for retirement.